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  1. I have this picture hanging in my home because it reminds me of the hidden nature of Christ. Most people do not look at the figures in the painting. The motherly woman is obviously Virgo and the young female next to her is Scorpio. The kneeling figure casting a shadow on the tomb is obviously Gemini and the young man next to him is Aries. These four figures create a butterfly figure: Aries to Virgo and Gemini to Scorpio then connect Scorpio to Virgo and then connect Aries to Gemini. There is only one way to obtain another two like butterfly figures with the other eight signs, which generates the star of the Magi: Star of David in the exact center of the Zodiac: “the secrets of God” as etched on the tomb. These numbers are important in many ways relating to Jesus Christ: 31.68 north latitude is precisely where Bethlehem of Judeao is located. 3168 is the Gemetria value of the phrase “Lord Jesus Christ”.

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