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Map drawn by Jacques RivièreFrench researcher Jacques Rivière, who unfortunately passed away in 2006, left us some of the most serious, books on the mystery of Rennes-le-Château as well as a, great many things to ponder. On of his most intriguing claims was, that, if the points of all the summits of the hills in the Aude are joined up, they reproduce the figure of Mary Magdalene as she appears on the bas-relief of Saunière’s altar, her bas relief on the altar of the Eglise Marie Madeleine in Rennes-le-Châteauhead being the ramparts of Carcassonne.

Another leading Rennes researcher, Pierre Jarnac, has repeated this exercise and confirms that this does appear to, work.


stained glass window of Mary-Magdalene in Puichéric by André Goudonnet

If this was indeed meant to be a map, then at the intersection of the cross on which the Magdalene’s gaze is fixed, lies the village
of, Puichéric. That’s anamazing coinicidence, since in Puichéric, the church used to have a stained-glass window with exactly the same scene. Rivière believed that the secret is the locations of some very rich mines.

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2 thoughts on “Mary Magdalene map

  1. I’ll pose a question which should cause the insight: what type of message was produced when the “great parchment” was decoded?
    Answer: One that is still coded.

    No one I have seen has decoded that properly but concentrated on how it came to be “decoded” from the “great parchment”. This was a distracting trick.

    Again I will tell you the original was in latin, not french but put into french by those who couldn’t understand the original.

    Follow what I am telling you to do to understand the real message.

    If you can, get back to me as you’ll want to talk further.

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