Administration 1897

Extract of the Guide de l'Aude administratif, judiciaire et commercial 1897Extract of the, Guide de l’Aude administratif, judiciaire et commercial, the 1897 Yellow Pages, published in, Montpellier, in 1897 by the Société des Guides Méridionaux. The page shows the record for Rennes-le-Château. We learn that the village had 246 inhabitants. Notice how mister E. Clamon tripled as teacher, secretary to the Major and photographer.


©2007-2012, all rights reserved. The copyright of the photo lies with l’Association Documentation Rennes-le-Château de Patrick Mensior, reproduced here with kind permission.

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  1. It is also interesting that a photographer is somewhat seen as a public office. Is E.Clamon of any significance to the whole mystery?

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