Templar Shaft

Klaas van UrkEarly 2000, Dutch bestselling author and researcher Klaas van Urk discovered a narrow shaft hidden high on Mount Cardou. He had been led to the location using, the Rennes-le-Château, parchments, the Coumesourde stone and the enigmatic text of La Serpent Rouge. Some 15 metres down in the shaft, that is located on a difficult location high on Mount Cardou, he discovered an engraved Templar emblem, an eight-pointed star.

Eight pointed star inside Cardou

Klaas van Urk, descending the Templar shaftVan Urk (1958) has so far been known to the public only in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as in a small but exquisite, predominantly French circle of long time researchers. His book Search for the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant was a bestseller in the Netherlands. In his 10-year quest for the Ark of the Covenant he followed the trail of its whereabouts across Israel, Ethiopia and the South of France. Like no other, he knitted all the known and lesser known facts together in a compelling and believable account of what really happened to the Ark and its contents.

the team feeding down cable into the narrow shaftIn February 2008, a combined team of Belgian and Dutch researchers returned to Mount Cardou to, let an infrared camera down the shaft on a 100 metres long rope. Objective was to see how deep the shaft is and where it ends. You can now see the Templar engraving for yourself.


The discovery of the shaft and the rest of Klaas’ adventures in search of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail were discussed in English in the interview he gave to Radio Rennessence in July 2007 and in his (Dutch) book Search of the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Klaas is preparing a much awaited English translation of his book and is preparing a second one.

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8 thoughts on “Templar Shaft

  1. I saw such crosses at different places: in the ruins of the Bezu castle, on the armchair of devil, on a small cliff next to a river close to Rennes-les-Bains (there is also a bench here for the journeyers to rest). I took some photos of them (I’m unfortunately posting from my office and don’t have them here). There are probably more to be found.

    Someone in Rennes-les-Bains told me he know the person carving them. Then again, I would never bet my life on one of his sentences.

    Nevertheless, all of those crosses look very fake to me. In particular, they seem too fresh, too recent: the rock still look clear in the carving, while I would expect the erosion and dirt to make it way less sharp and visible. Then again, I am not an expert.

    Another curiosity for those who feel like climbing Cardou up to the top: it’s full of small rocks up there, a bit bigger than a fist. If you pay attention, you’ll see they form a pattern: a occitan cross of about 5 meters diameter. Nope, I didn’t make it! :)

  2. Hi Niriel,

    Thanks for your comment!

    As far as I have been able to check, the eight-pointed stars on Blanchefort, Devil’s Armchair and a number of other location all have circles around them and look relatively new. The one in the shaft looks much older and doesn’t have a circle.

    I know the story of someone engraving all landmarks in the Rennes-les-Bains area with his ‘Mary-Magdalene-star’ as he calls them (since the eight-pointed cross is made out of 4 M’s).

    Take care | Raven

  3. for 30 years im confinced of the fact that Jezus did not die at the cross. I’ve since been searching for the place where he could be. My search has led to mount Cardou for a few years now. Sadly i’ve never had the upportunity to investigate propperly. The eight star is in a rather unusual place and could mark a place of exit,rather than entrance, an exit would be more in place, after placing the boddy of Christ, maybe his wife too,they must have sealed the entrance< first from inside, afterwards from the outside. So an exit would be usefull. The story of the ark beeing there also, im not confinced. I know that we’re al close in this mystery, reading and seeing what other people have discovered so far.Keep it up and we’ll find him, I’m going this year.

  4. I am also a firm beliver in the fact that jcs body was around cardou. The story of the nativity in the story jesus and mary but my view on it was this. is it just me mayb. but i reckon jc did die and he was intombed and joseph and mary magdilne retrieved his body and the story of the nativty begins same situation but different who would want to come to a birth 3 wise men 3kings 3 shepherds these were witness to the birth of jesuses daughter sarah . the last supper was a celibration of the pregnancy and judus betrayed jc by tellin harrod that jc s missis is pregnant he went on a rampage chopin heads. joseph of arathia and mary magdiline went on the little donkey got hell out of bethleham. only to get word out that jcs child was on the way spread the word of that he lives on in mary m this is were thy all come to witness the birth of jcs child being born.they did. they had to leave that night. joseph and mary escaped with child across to egypt probley with one of the wise men clever bloke proberley think. harrod must have heard a wisper that a birh had taken place and probley set out a wolfpack of soliders to track mm and joseph of aratheia and child They crossed the med into mayb in and around costa derada salou avoiding terra gonna ponches pilet was from there.wel they then went on into the perennes under the protection of the cathers into the now the area of sw france were they hid for years. Then onto merry old england landed in cornwall on to dartmoor still being hunted. up to glastanbury tor joseph and mary and child. then onto roslin Then the first crusades retreived jesus and took him to mount cardou protected by the templars ark in hand the geometric fortress lines around the forts all have clear site of cardou he was on that hill in france protected by the templars the secret starts.
    the grail is the line of jesus. joseph and mary lived a happy but protected life in and around the sion brotherhood and then sarah gave birth the tree begins secret societys evove around the secret a very powerful secret that the templers bestold upon themselfs but all secrets find their way to the serface greed banking blackmail churches rome They could not hold a secret so powerful for the pope declaird war on templers friday 13 to eradicate all who object to rome and kill pagenistic followers which drove the sion into secret .hes since been lying on hillside in sw france untill 1980s were he was moved to the lurve with mary magdaline under total secrecy of the brotherhood . were are they today misplaced him well the templars probley kept it close but the secret was lost and he lay on mount cardou forgotten and as for this modern day brotherhood look at what your ancient sion begun and look at the bloody state of the world now as a resault that secret i dont think it was intended for the ilumminatti of today to hold power get your house in order and try to revive light these greed secrets ww3 the world needs hope chris.

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