Gabriel Knight

Gabriel Knight, overlooking Rennes-le-ChâteauGabriel Knight is a computer game hero created by Jane Jensen, whose third and last adventure takes place in and around Rennes-le-Château. It is a classic 3D point-and-click adventure. The game was launched in 1999 and looks a little dated now. Still, it is quite a treat to be able to walk around in 3D in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene, the Tour Magdala and the Villa Bethania. Although the village in the game isn’t an exact replica of the real thing, it’s clear the makers did their best to capture some of the feel.

Unfortunately the game is no longer for sale but it can be downloaded here.

Screenshots from the Game


Gabriel Knight 4 Campaign
Gabriel Knight III on Wikipedia

Video Trailer of the Game

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6 thoughts on “Gabriel Knight

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if any of you have ever played Broken sword – shadow of the templars. It is an old game but it is all about the knight templars. What is kinda odd about it, is you start the game in a cafe after an explotion and the person who died there is named Plantard (who was suppose to deliver secret information)
    Kinda odd twist right?


  2. Hi Menno,

    No I haven’t played Broken Sword. It sounds very interesting though. Are they referring to Piere Plantard? What time of game is it?

  3. Hello

    Your website is really cool ! There are many good information but why are you talking of this game Gabriel Knight ? Is it linked to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Château ? A statue ? A place ? Etc.

    It would be awesome to reply me !

    Bye bye

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