Alfred Saunière

alfredsauniereAbbé Jean-Marie Alfred Saunière (1855-1905)

Brother and close friend of Abbé Bérenger Saunière. His role in the play is unclear. He became a vicar in the village of Alzonne on July 1st 1878 to join the Jesuits a year later. Being a Jesuit he worked as a teacher in Narbonne and later private tutor to the family of the Marquis the Chefdebien, grandson of the founder of the Philadelphes Masonic Lodge. He was sent away after accusations of theft in 1903. He was excommunicated by the church in 1904 and died an alcoholic a year later. After his death, a son was born from his relation with Marie-Emilie Salière, who lived with his uncle Bérenger for a while.

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  1. what was the name of this son of Alfred? if there’s a name known for the child, how old was he when he lived with Berenger, and what became of the child?

  2. The son of Alfred and Emilie Salière was called André Salière. He was born at the end of April, as written by Saunière in a letter on 25th April 1906. It is not publicly known when he died and where. He was raised by Emilie alone and therefore carried her name. Very little is known about the kid, only that Emilie and her son had a very difficult life. Emilie tried to commit suicide multiple times.


  3. the name Saliere sounds really formilliar, but can’t really place it, are they an influential family around RLC and suroundings, how do they meet?

    and i know that alfred was burried on the cemetry in Montazels, but do you happen to know if it’s still there or that there are any pictures available of the actual grave online?

  4. Alfred wasn’t buried in the family tomb in Montazels. He had brought too much shame to the family. He was laid to rest in an unmarked grave in a field near Montazels. The Saunière family tomb used to be in the old village cemetery but is no longer there. The only family member still buried in Montazels is Alfred’s sister Mathilde.

    Take care | Raven

  5. That was unexpected, we went to Montazels, last year.and saw several Sauniere familytombs, but then again its probably a very common name around there.

    Never expected them, to bury their son a once so succesfull priest, in a field with an unmarked grave. you don’t happen to know if the unmarked grave is still standing? or any known pictures?

    and still hope you can help me with the name Saliere, sounds so familiar.

    or any good links to fid out more about the Sauniere family, mainly Alfred. Thanks so much for this already.

  6. hey,

    i know you said that Alfred was buried outside Montazels, in an unmarked grave.. is there any indication of the exact spot where he was buried???

    there are a couple of unmarked tombstones just outside the village limits in a field that has a view on RLC.. i mean i cant imagine Berenger Sauniere not wanting to pay tribute to his brother? all tho that might be the reason why there is an image of Alfred on Berengers tomb stone! guilt?

    What do you think?


  7. I can’t comment on the location any further.

    The relief of Alfred on Bérenger’s tomb was made by Mr Fatin, decades after his death. It has nothing to do with the mystery. Fatin used the wrong picture as an example.

    Saunière wrote somewhere that he thought that his brother had “departed too early” or something like that. There are no records if we was even present at the burial. Looks like the relation between the two brothers had cooled down considerably towards the end of his life (just like the relation with his mother and sisters).


  8. if the relationship between the two brothers cooled down so much,why did berenger let alfreds son stay with him?

    andwhy make a point of saying he was paying for the mistakes his younger brother the priest who died too early…

    just want to know what you think.. and whatyou think of the theory that the brothers were involved in Gelis death, and that thats the reason of the arguments between them, and between boudet…
    ( please dont mock this theory….)

  9. For the same reason anyone would raise a child of a brother after he dies even if you hate his guts. Hardly an argument for anything.

    I find it very hard to believe the Saunière’s would be murderers. Daffos thinks it was Alfred who was at least present and even administered last rites before Gélis drew his last breath.

  10. I am lead to believe that Alfred questioned his brothers findings, as did his mother and sisters? Gelis, was the example of the church, they would/have/had/will always protect the truth. I have come to the conclusion that Jesus was taken to Rome, tried and sentenced to death by the pope, the pope convinced that no man closer than he to god, other beliefs punishable by death. In some of the stations of the cross, there were definitely two different armies present at the crucifix. And i am convinced that the Vatican is in the background with it’s watchful eye atop in stations of the cross also is the flag of roses, three in a line.

  11. I had read in one of the books on RLC that Berenger Sauniere was denied the last rites of the Catholic church because of what his last confession supposedly entailed. When the priest exited Sauniere’s room, he had a horrified look on his face.

    By the way, this was my first visit to your site and I found it most informative. I will be recommending your site to several of my friends.


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