Saunière’s travels

Bérenger Saunière

Recently, Laurent Buchholtzer, better known by his pseudonym of Octonovo published a list of known travels by Abbé Saunière. All these trips have been documented beyond any doubt in his own letters and account books.

The list is not complete, as Laurent states himself, but it gives a good idea of how mobile Saunière was and where he went. It is interesting to see that he travelled to Lourdes three times towards the end of his life, when he was in the middle of a court case with the Bishop of Carcassonne and eventually the Vatican. It appears to demonstrate that after all, Saunière was a devout man, looking for help in higher places to get out of the mess he got himself into by refusing to disclose the source of his funds.


November 1896 Toulouse
May 1897 Carcassonne
September 1897 Spiritual retreat
January 1898 Floure
April 1898 Castres
May 1898 Trip to an undisclosed destination
September 1898 Carcassonne for retreat
January 1899 Limoux
March 1899 Carcassonne
July 1899 Forest of Ganges
April 1900 Carcassonne
August 1900 Two trips to undisclosed locations
October 1900 Two trips to Carcassonne, 1 for retreat
January 1901 Limoux
January 1901 Carcassonne
May 1901 Villefort and St. Georges
February 1892 Narbonne
March 1902 Villefort (with Marie Dénarnaud)
April 1902 Narbonne
August 1892 Névian
December 1902 Villefort (with Marie Dénarnaud)
January 1903 Trip to an undisclosed destination
February 1903 Narbonne
February 1904 Two trips to Carcassonne, 1 to Mr Rieu
February 1904 Three trips with undisclosed destination
April 1904 Spiritual retreat
June 1904 Carcassonne and Castres
October 1904 Arles-sur-Tech
November 1904 Limoux
March/April 1905 Castres
September 1906 Spiritual retreat
March 1906 Limoux
May/June 1906 Alzonne and Narbonne
September/October 1906 Carcassonne and two trips to Narbonne
January 1907 Villefort
January 1907 Floure
February 1907 Bages-les-Flots
February 1907 Two trips to Limoux
April 1907 Bages-les-Flots
July 1907 Carcassonne
July 1907 Mérial
Jul 1907 Two trips to Carcassonne
February 1908 Limoux
May 1908 Carcassonne
April 1910 Labège
April 1911 Spirtual retreat in Prouilhe after condemnation
June1911 St-Paul-de-Fenouillet
August 1911 Lourdes
August 1912 Notre-Dame-de-Marceille
October 1912 Limoux
August 1913 Lourdes
July 1914 Carcassonne
October 1915 Lourdes

©2007-2008, all rights reserved. List taken from the book Rennes-le-Château, une Affaire Paradoxale by Laurent Buchholtzer, published here with his kind permission.

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