Pommes Bleues

Pommes Bleues, 17th JanuaryEvery year, at midday on 17th January, a sunray creates,  an effect on the wall of the Eglise Madeleine in Rennes-le-Château. This light effect is called ‘Pommes Bleues’. This name refers to the second parchment that Saunière found where ‘Pommes Bleues’ (Blue Apples) feature in the decipherment. In reality the projection of the apples isn’t very blue at all. Moreover, this effect is bound to happen in churches that have stained glass windows, Saint Sulpice not being the worst example. Acclaimed expert on Rennes-le-Château, Patrick Mensior, notes that the stained glass window of Lazarus, that produces the effect was installed in september 1887. Now if Saunière did indeed go to Paris to have the parchments deciphered, it is certain he did so in March 1892. It is also certain that he could never have done so on his own. The word Pommes Bleues was discovered 5 years after Saunière had the Lazarus window installed. This raises the suspicion that the phenomenon of Pommes Bleues in Rennes-le-Château is based on mere coincidence. Thanks to Patrick Mensior for sharing his insights.

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Pommes Bleues, 17th JanuaryThe beautiful photo of the light ray is from Italian designer and Rennes-le-Château researcher Mariano Tomatis.

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  1. sir,
    According to me this referes to a blue rose.BLUE APPLES as BLUE-blue APPLE-colour,as the colour of the apple is rose the statement pronounce as BLUE ROSE.And rose is the symbol of prioriy of sion.So according to me it refers to a place where blue rose will grow.

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