Inversions and Mirrors

Saunière posing on the Double Steps of the BelvédèreThe domain of Abbé Saunière and in fact the whole Mystery of Rennes-le-Château counts a , number of inversions and doubles. Here’s an attempt to sum them up in random order. I am open to suggestions.

  • On the large Fresco on the west wall of the church it is WINTER on the left and SUMMER on the right.
  • The Belvédere has two mirrored sets of 11 steps
  • The facing statues of Joseph and Mary at the back of the Church both carry a baby Jesus
  • The floorplan of the church is mirrorred in the Church garden, where the confessional mirrors Notre Dame de Lourdes (pénitence!), and the altar mirrors the Calvaire.
  • The Tour Magdala (in stone) is mirrored by an Orangerie Tower (in glass) as opposites on a chess board
  • The N on Saunière’s tomb’s cross is inverted
  • The INRI on Jesus’s cross on the Bell from the Church tower is inverted
  • The Stations of the Cross are displayed in reverse order
  • The Visigothic Pillar carrying Notre Dame de Lourdes has been placed upside down
  • The Knight’s Stone was found liying face down
  • The painting of Christ and the Hare in Rennes-les-Bains is the inverse of the original (which is hanging in Anvers – pronounced Invers – the French word for inverse)
  • In the far right corner of the Tour Magdala there’s an red dot in one of the floor tiles, the same dot used to be visible on the floor of the Orangerie on the other end of the Belvédère
  • The Devil and Jesus are sitting opposite eachother in mirrored similar crouching positions in at the back of the Church of St. Mary Magdalene

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