Château de Vialasse

Château de Vialasse, bow of the shipThe ruins of this castle, close to those of the Château-de-Bézu lie on the D14 between Rennes-les-Bains and Bugarach. Its connection to the mystery of Rennes-le-Château comes from Jules verne. In his book Clovis Dardentor, he mentions that what is left of this castle has the shape of a ship with three bridges. It is pointing towards Mount Bugarach. Verne connects it to Captain Bugarach, the man he named after the mountain.

If there’s anyone out there with a clear picture of the boatshape of these ruins, I’d be very interested to post it here!

Many thanks to the members on this forum for their information, the photo and allowing me to post this.

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  1. I truly enjoyed the interview with Henry Lincoln, whom I personally met last summer at Rennes-le-Chateau. I also met Jean-Luc Robin, and I’m saddened to hear of his death. I understand that they won the election for new mayor, this was very much on their minds during a lecture I attended, and I congratulate them on the turn of events. Jean-Luc becomes a Moses figure, who didn’t get to lead his people into a new era, but certainly contributed greatly towards the change.
    At the lecture it was concluded that much had been done to deprive the site of it’s athmosphere of mystery. Things had been modernized, or even worse, moved, from their original resting places. However much Henry Lincoln claims to deal only in facts, it is still the mysteries that holds the magic. And whatever we, as modern people, do to improve the situation, usually trivializes it.

    My research brought me to France to prepare for my historical novel about Mary Magdalene. I needed to walk the land where Venus has made her footprint, where there probably was an ancient astrological temple in her honor, and where legends claim that Jesus was buried. If she arrived at St.Marie-de-la-Mere on the Provence side, what brought her here, to the Languedoc? Unless they needed to travel to England and used the route common in her time, over Perpignan, old Ruscino, and along Via Aquitania to the Atlantic. The legends in England claim they visited there.
    There may not be proof of any of this. But the legends tell their stories. All I did was draw the lines between them.
    My book is called “Rituals in Sacred Stone” and will be out on this fall.

    I admire your website, and I will return to it for more research for my next book: “Secrets in Saced Stone”.

    Thanks for your excellent work.


  2. Hi,

    I am pleased that you used my original photo of the La Vialasse Fort (Castle). I have better photos if tou wish to reive them. Please advise your email address and I can forward to you.

    I have only just returned from staying at Le Moulin at La Vialasse for two weeks…satying also in the cottage at the base of the La Vialasse mound.


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