Small Parchment

Small ParchmentAllegedly found by Bérenger Saunière while restoring his church in July 1887. It contains Latin text fragments of Luke VI, 1-5 and Matthew XII, 1-8, Mark II, 23-28. On this parchment a coded message was found that is at the heart of the enigma:


This message was first decoded and published by Henry Lincoln. The parchment as it was first published by Gérard de Sède is believed to be a manipulated copy of an original. This original was probably sold by Noel Corbu to a couple of Englishmen. The manipulated copies were, given to De Sède by, Pierre Plantard and Philippe de Chérisey, united in their Priory of Sion.

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2 thoughts on “Small Parchment

  1. There is one notable icon on this parchment, the icon is located on the upper left corner. This odd figure that looks like an Indian Teepee turned on it side is actually the number 4. In the center of the 4 is the number 1 and above it is the letter m (when the number 4 is turned so it resembles a 4 the m becomes the number 3) So the icon is actually three numbers 1, 3, 4. The number 4 is the “sign of the cross” used by Catholics to bless themselves. Using the right hand you touch your forehead (1) saying “in the name of the Father”, (2)next touching the middle of your chest saying “and the Son”, (3)next touching your left shoulder saying “and the Holy Ghost”, (4) lastly touching your right shoulder saying “Amen”. When making the sign of the cross in this fashion you are making the figure 4.
    The numbers 1 and 3 totaled together equal 4, so there are two 4’s represented in this icon or a double cross? The meaning of a double cross is a fraud of some form. If the icon represents three numbers 1,3,4, meaning the sign of the cross what happened to the number 2 or the Son? The Son is Jesus. This icon has left out Jesus. Notice the first letter of each of the names when making the sign of the cross. Father (F=6), Holy Ghost (H=8), Amen (A=1). Do these three numbers look familiar? The phrase extracted from the Grand Parchment says “—Poussin Tenier hold the key peace 681 by the cross—”. Once again Jesus has been left out of this number sequence, why? Notice also the angels making the sign of the cross in the entry of Berenger’s Church at RLC. Below them is written the words “By This Sign You Will Conquer” Meaning you will Prevail, Achieve, Succeed, Triumph, or accomplish your goal. This tells me Berenger was trying to tell us the answer to this mystery is solved through the use of the Sign of the Cross and Jesus is missing from this Sign. Did he not die on the Cross? or is his body missing if he didn’t die on the Cross? Was his non death one of the greatest double crosses of all time? Lots of questions.

  2. I disagree ,there is but a drop of ink between the one and the M for Mercury ,a clue perhaps,as every dot of ink on this page has been placed purposely.Now we have the symbol for Ares breaking through to brother Mercury’s realm ,circle.
    The two symbols are on the alters pillar upside down.
    Mercury and brother Ares need to be brought together in order for you to put forward your proposition to these mighty gods.
    Et factum est eumin sabbato secundo primo.
    This metal I have is second rate, second best, I expected perfection from the Gods responsible for it,so fix it.
    All metals were meant to be gold but it didnt work out so all the different metals we have were ultimately meant to be gold because the gods responsible failed us.

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