The number 22 appears to have a special significance in relation to Rennes-le-Château:

– 22nd July is Mary Magdalene’s Feast day
– 22nd January 1917, Bérenger Saunière died
Tour Magdala and the garden are linked by 22 steps
Tour Magdala has 22 steps leading to the top
– There are 22 battlements on top of the Tour Magdala
– The lone window in,  Tour Magdala, which is pointed to by an anomalous floor tile at the base of the Tour Magdala, in turn points unambiguously at a grotto approximately a mile in the distance, which is named ‘The Burial Site of Mary Magdalene’ (remember, her feast day is 22) and is offset from the grotto by 22 degrees (south of west)
Marie Dénarnaud sold the Saunière estate to the Corbu’s on 22nd July 1946
– The famous Latin inscription over the door of Abbé Saunière’s church of Saint Mary Magdalene, “Terribilis est locus iste”, (This place is Terrible), has 22 letters. If spelled correctly, it has 23 Latin letters.
– the Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters
– the skull above the entrance to the graveyard has 22 teeth

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