17th Century
1621Guercino paints first version of Et In Arcadia Ego
6Aug1623pontificate Urban VIII
1627Nicolas Poussin paints his first version of the Shepherds of Arcadia
1639Nicolas Poussin paints his second version of Shepherds of Arcadia
1640rebuilding of the church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rennes
14May1643death of Louis XIII, reign of Louis XIV, le Roi Soleil
15Sep1644pontificate Innocent X
23Nov1644Registering of the testament of Francois Pierre d'Hautpoul by notary Captier of Espéraza.
1645a shepherd called Ignace Paris falls in a cave in search of a sheep and comes out with a large number of gold coins in his hat. He tells people he has discovered a room full of gold but when he refuses to tell where he is stoned to death on the charge of theft.
1646baron Blaise d'Hautpoul has the church of Rennes-le-Château restored, supported by the bishop of Alet Nicolas Pavillon
1651Bishop of Alet Nicolas Pavillon gives a diamond the size of an egg to the city of Toulouse for fighting the plague.
1653discovery of the tomb of Childeric I in the Church of Saint Brice in Tournai. The treasure buried with him consists of a richly ornamented sword, a torse-like bracelet, jewels of gold and cloisonné enamel with garnets, gold coins, a gold bulls head and a ring with the inscription CHILDERICI REGIS (of Childeric the king), which identifies the tomb. Most special find are 300 golden bees, that Napoleon I later uses to decorate his mantle for the coronation as Emperor of the French
7Apr1655pontificate Alexander VII
Apr1656Abbé Louis Fouquet, the brother of Nicolas Fouquet, superintendent of finances to King Louis XIV of France, sent a a letter to his brother describing his meeting with Nicolas Poussin. He and I discussed certain things, which I shall with ease be able to explan to you in detail – things that will give you, through Monsieur Poussin, advantages which even kings would have great pains to draw from him, and which, according to him, it is possible that nobody else will ever be able to rediscover in the centuries to come. And, what is more, these are things so difficult to discover that nothing now on this earth can prove of better fortune nor be their equal.
1659François Charles Fouquet is nominated bishop of Narbonne  (brother of Nicolas Fouqet, Treasurer under Louis XIV)
1659Signing of the Treaty of the Pyrenées, the Rousillon is given back to France
1660the church of Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux is transferred from the diocese of Alet to the diocese of Narbonne
19nov1665death of Nicolas Poussin in Rome
nov1661Blaise d'Hautpoul goes to court against Nicolas Pavillon, bishop of Alet to prevent the Kings troops to search his grounds and mines
1662the possessions of Blaise d'Hautpoul include Rennes, St. Just, Le Bézu, Les Bains, Montferrand, Montazels, Moissan, Dent, Sainte Eugénie, Lavadieu and Belfort de Voisins
20Jun1667pontificate Clement IX
29Apr1670pontificate Clement X
1670Mgr. François Charles Fouquet allegedly has a St. Antoine tableau by David Teniers the Younger overpainted with a St. Augustine by Ambroise Frédeau
1673death of Mgr. François Charles Fouquet, Louis XIV starts 4 years of trials to remove the Jansenist bishop Nicolas Pavillon from the diocese of Alet but doesnt succeed
21Sep1676pontificate Innocent XI
8Dec1677death of Nicolas Pavillon bishop of Alet
1678Colbert, Louis XIVs new treasurer erects La Compagnie des Mines de Blanchefort, to prospect the lands of the Hautpouls
1685Louis XIV buys the original of the second version of Shepherds of Arcadia from C.A. Herault. He puts it on display in his private quarters
5Oct1689pontificate Alexander VIII, birth of François dHautpoul Rennes, marquis de Blanchefort
12Jul1691pontificate Innocent XII
1694entry in the parish registry of the burial of a high ranking individual in the church of Rennes-le-Château registered by Abbé Vernat 

18th Century
23Nov1700pontificate Clement XI
1705death of Dame Anne Delsol, aged 75, (whose husband Marc Antoine Dupuy was the brother in law of Henry dHautpoul) buried in the church of Rennes-le-Château au Tombeau des Seigneurs (Tomb of the Lords) (parish registry 1694-1726) The tombeau, according to the parish register is located dans leglise de ce lieu au Tombeau des Seigneurs qui est au pres du Balustre (the same wooden pillar in which a glass tube with parchment was found in July 1887)
1713birth of Marie de Nègre d'Ables, daughter of François de Nègre d'Ables de Niort ancien capitain dans le régiment dOrléanais (+1726) and Toinette de Gaychier (+1724)
1715death of Louis XIV, reign of Louis XV, le Bien Aimé
8May1721pontificate Innocent XIII
1724death of Messire Henry du Venret buried in the church of Rennes-le-Château au Tombeau des Seigneurs (Tomb of the Lords) (parish registry 1694-1726)
1724Abbé Bernard becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
29May1724pontificate Benedict XIII
12Jul1730pontificate Clement XII
 May1732Abbé Bernard Mongé of Niort-de-Sault is murdered by François de Montroux, uncle and appointed tutor of Marie de Nègre
17Nov1732Marriage of François d'Hautpoul (43) and Marie de Nègre (18)
1734Birth of Marie daughter of Marie de Nègre and François Hautpoul
1735Birth of Elizabeth daughter of Marie de Nègre and François Hautpoul
1736Abbé Jean Bigou becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château, succeeding Abbé Verger
1737Birth of Joseph son of Marie de Nègre and François Hautpoul
8Mar1739Death of Joseph d'Hautpoul, aged 17 months. He is buried in the cemetery of Rennes "near the big cross". This marks the end of the male line of the Hautpouls-Rennes family.
1739Birth of Gabrielle daughter of Marie de Nègre and François Hautpoul
1740Church furnishings of Rennes are renewed, the Tombeau des Seigneurs (Tomb of the Lords) is sealed up
17Aug1740pontificate Benedict XIV
1748Admiral George Baron Anson commissions the Shepherds Monument at Shugnborough Hall, UK
26Sep1752Marie d'Hautpoul Rennes marries her cousin Joseph Marie d'Hautpoul-Félines
 15 May1753sudden death of François d'Hautpoul-Rennes, seigneur of Rennes-le-Château, Marquis de Blanchefort in the house of Grégoire de Fourn. He is buried in the Cathédrale St-Martin in Limoux, his heart is buried in Notre Dame de Marceille. Both tombs are no longer there
1753Marie de Nègre sells the Seigneuries of Niort and Roquefeuil to pay her late husbands debts
6Jul1758pontificate Clement XIII
1767Marriage of Gabrielle d'Hautpoul-Rennes and Paul Vincent de Fleury
19May1769pontificate Clement XIV
10May1774death of Louis XV, reign of Louis XVI
1774Abbé Antoine Bigou becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
15Feb1775pontificate Pius VI
1776death of Abbé Jean Bigou in Rennes-le-Château
17Jan1781death of Marie de Nègre d'Ables, Dame d'Hautpoul, Marquise Blanchefort. The death certificate, signed by Antoine Bigou states she is buried but not where
1790Elisabeth Hautpoul Mademoiselle de Rennes flees the Revolution to Toulouse where she stays with her sister Gabrielle
1790Death of Gabrielle d'Hautpoul
1791Abbé Jean Antoine Camp becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
31Jul1791start of the French Revolution
1791Antoine Bigou leaves Rennes to hide in Quillan
1Sep1792last bishop of Alet, Charles de la Cropte de Chanterac flees to Spain
10Aug1792fall of Louis XVI
Sep1792clandestine emigration of Antoine Bigou and Abbé Cauneille (priest of Rennes-les-Bains) to Spain following the last bishop of Alet-les-Bains Charles de la Cropte de Chanterac
9Oct1792Charles de la Cropte de Chanterac arrives in Sabadell where he stays in the Maison Meca
21Jan1793execution of Louis XVI
21Mar1794death of Abbé Antoine Bigou in Collioure
5Apr1794execution of Danton
28Jul1794execution of Robespierre
1797Elisabeth Hautpoul returns to Rennes, signing over the Château Hautpoul to her stewards Michel Captier and Julie Avignon. Elisabeth lives in a single bedroom
10Nov1799end of the First Republic, Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself First Consul

19th Century
17Jan1800oppression of royalist revolt in the Vendee
14Mar1800pontificate Pius VII
1803Abbé Marsan becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château, after having had no priest since 1791. This is a result of Napoleons Concordat
1804Napoleon Bonaparte declares himself Emperor of the French people
1805Abbé Rouger becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1812tragic end of Napoleon Is Russian campaign
1814abdication of Napoleon I, exile to Elba
20Mar1815Napoleon I returns to power, start of the One Hundred Days
18Jun1815defeat of Napoleon I at Waterloo, second abdication and exile to St Helena
1815reign of Louis XVIII
1816Michel Captier and Julie Avignon buy the possessions of Elisabeth Hautpoul
20May1820Death of Elisabeth Hautpoul aged 85
1820Abbé Sabarthes becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1822Louis de Coma is born in Foix
1823Abbé Sadourny becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
28Sep1823pontificate Leo XII
1824death of Louis XVIII, reign of Charles X
31Mar1829pontificate Pius VIII
19Jul1830the Virgin Mary appears to Catherine Labouré in the Rue du Bac in Paris
29Jul1830abdication of Charles X, reign of Louis Philippe de Bourbon, le Roi Citoyen (the citizen king)
2Feb1831pontificate Gregory XVI
1832French historian Jean Pierre Jacques Auguste de Labouisse-Rochefort publishes Voyages à Rennes-les-Bains, written in 1803. Labouisse-Rochefort compares the landscape of Rennes-les-Bains with Arcadia 
1832Jean Pierre Jacques Auguste de Labouisse-Rochefort becomes accepted as a member of the illustrious Arcadian Academy of Rome
1832Abbé Pagès becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1834Abbé Blanc becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1836Abbé Pons becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
16Nov1837birth of Jean-Jacques Henri Boudet in Quillan
1840birth of Edmond Boudet, brother of Henri Boudet
16Jun1846pontificate Pius IX
Sep1846the Virgin Mary appears to Mélanie Calvet in La Salette
24Feb18482nd revolution in Paris, Louis Philippe abdicates and the Second Republic is proclaimed
10Dec1848Louis Napoleon elected President de la République
1851Coup d'État of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon III), proclamation of the Second Empire
11Apr1852Bérenger Saunière is born in Montazels as the first of 7 children of the Major
1855Alfred Saunière is born in Montazels as the second of 7 children of the Major
1856Louis de Coma starts construction of the Carol Estate, a copy of Getshemane funded with money from the Comte de Chambord (4.000 Fr)
Feb1858the Virgin Mary appears to Bernadette Soubirous in Lourdes
1860a piece of gold weighing over 50 kilos is found near Bézu
25Dec1861Henri Boudet is ordained a priest
1Jan1862Henri Boudet becomes the curé of Durban
16Jun1862Henri Boudet becomes the curé of Caunes (Minervois)
1Nov1866Henri Boudet becomes the cure of Frestes
1867Château Hautpoul is sold to the Dalbiès family of Couiza
12Aug1868birth of Marie Dénarnaud
21May1870Napoleon III capitulates 
31Aug1870French Republic is proclaimed, start of the Third Republic
17Feb1871Thiers President de la République
1Jul1872death of Jean Vié curé of Rennes-les-Bains
1872Henri Boudet becomes curé of Rennes-les-Bains
1873Thiers resigns, Maréchal de Mac-Mahon President de la République after a failed attempt to restore the monarchy by Henry V, Comte de Chambord
1873start of the great depression
Feb1876the Virgin Mary appears to Estelle Faguette in Pellevoisin, her case for cannonisation is later defended at the Vatican by Eugène Huguet
20Feb1878pontificate Leo XIII
1879Abbé Cézac becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château, resignation of Mac-Mahon, July Grévy President de la République
1879A new sacristie is built against the Church at Rennes
16Jul1879Bérenger Saunière becomes chaplain of Alet-les-Bains
1880discovery of a Neolithic graveyard, proving mens presence in the area for at least 3.000 years
1880Henri Boudet finishes his book La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromlech de Rennes-les-Bains (The True Celtic Language and the Stone Circle of Rennes-les-Bains)
1881Mgr. Billard becomes Bishop of Carcassonne
1881Abbé Mocquin becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1881Antoine Gélis is assaulted in his house by two masked men
16Jun1882Bérenger Saunière becomes curé of Le Clat
8Feb1884Papal Encyclical Nobilissima Gallorum Gens (To the Most Noble French Nation, On the Religious Question in France), addressed to the Cardinals, Archbishops and Bishops of France, mentioning that France was alienating itself from its past Catholic Traditions and that it had to do all it could to restore those values
1884Abbé Croc becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château
1855Louis de Coma completes construction of the Carol Estate or Monastère de Carol
1Jun1885Bérenger Saunière becomes curé of Rennes-le-Château and writes: La croix du milieu existe, mais il ny a pas dallées
4Oct1885Bérenger Saunière preaches against the Republicans. He supposedly asked his parishioners to vote for the Union of the Right, dedicated to the reversal of the anticlerical legislations of the Republican Government and towards the restoration of the French Monarchy (this Party was comprised of a coalition of the Conservatives, the Bonapartists and the Monarchists) with the Monarchists being the most successful part of the coalition during the 1885 elections winning the most Seats
30Oct1885Mgr. Billard receives a complaint from René Goblet, the Minister of Religion relating to the reprehensible behaviour of four clerics during the electoral period of 1885 and asking for their transfers
15Nov1885Mgr. Billard responds by stating that Saunière has no intention of attacking the Government, but has the right as the Defender of Religion to read an article from La Semaine Religieuse de Carcassonne, to give advice to the voters of his parish in the presence of anti-Christian anti-Concordat programmes of several candidates of the deputation
2Dec1885Bérenger Saunière is suspended because of his anti-republican speech, René Goblet, the Minister of Religion, writes to Mgr Billard stating that he has suspended four priests in the Rennes-le-Château region: B. Saunière, curate at Rennes-le-Château, Tailhan, curate at Roullen, Jean, curate at Bourriège and Delmas, vicar at Alet 
2Dec1885an article appears in La Semaine Religieuse de Carcassonne, criticising the suspension of the four priests by the Minister of Religion, mentioning: To the long list of priests who became victim of a systematic persecution since the last electoral period, are to be added the names of four priests of the diocese: Jean – Tailhan – Delmas- Saunière. M. the Prefect of the Aude has notified them a Ministerial decision that suppresses their salary, from 1st December 1885. Their Bishop opposed in vain a firm and dignified justification to the accusations carried against them, there was sorrow to see that M. the Minister of Religion didnt take any account of it. The blabbers triumphed. Can they understand the gravity of their fault, seeing the consequences in their respective dioceses of their malevolent denouncement…? 
1886Henri Boudet's book La Vraie Langue Celtique et le Cromlech de Rennes-les-Bains (The True Celtic Language and the Stone Circle of Rennes-les-Bains) is published by Francois Pomie, the printer to the Bishop of Carcassonne, 500 copies are produced for a fee of 5382 gold francs. Of the 500 copies, only 98 are sold, 100 are being given to libraries and institutions and a further 200 given away by Boudet as gifts to friends and interested people who visit Rennes-les-Bains to take the cure
May1886Bérenger Saunière receives a touching love letter from an anonymous lady
1Jul1886Bérenger Saunière returns to Rennes le Château as curé
1886Bérenger Saunière gives a valuable chalice to his friend Abbé Grassaud
27Jul1887Bérenger Saunière installs a new altar in his church from the firm Maison Monna in Toulouse for 770FF. The altar is paid for by Madame Cavailhé de Coursan. The old altar is transported to the presbytery. It will later serve in his personal chapel at Villa Bethania after his suspension by Mgr. Beausejour.
Jul1887Antoine Captier, carilloneur of the church finds a small glass tube with a rolled up parchment in a Wooden Baluster that he gives to Bérenger Saunière
30Sep1887Bérenger Saunière installs new stained glass window blue apples 1350 FF
Dec1887Grévy resigns, Sadi Carnot President de la République
1888Emergency reparations are carried out in the churched. The conseil de fabrique lends the priest 518FF
1889Mgr. Billard visits Rennes-le-Château, thanks Bérenger Saunière asking him to continue his good works
27Jan1889attempt at Coup d'État of Georges Boulanger
May1889Bérenger Saunière is nominated curé desservant dAntugnac
1890Louis de Coma is nominated Abbé of the Church of Mary Magdalene in Baulou
Jan1890the village council of Rennes-le-Château approves Bérenger Saunière's request to refurbish the public square before his church
Jun1890Bérenger Saunière no longer curé desservant d'Antugnac
Feb1890Bérenger Saunière is visited by Archduke Johann von Habsburg
Aug1890Bérenger Saunière orders a new pulpit
21Nov1890Bérenger Saunière stays with Alexandrine Marre-Dénarnaud
Dec1890Archduke Johann von Habsburg is reported missing by the New York Times
1891Mgr. Billard inherits 1.200.000FF of Victorine Sabatier of Coursan.
1Jun1891Gaudissard becomes curé of Antugnac
21Jun189124 children of Rennes-le-Château do a mission tour through the village with all parishers present, carryring a statue of Notre Dame the Lourdes that is later installed in the gardens of the Vierge. The statue is placed on an upside-down visigoth pillar of the former church altar and is inscribed: Mission 1891
9Sep1891Saunière Journal: carrelage de la nef et du remplacement de la chaire
21Sep1891Saunière Journal: Lettre de Granes. Découverte dun tombeau, le soir pluie (Letter from Granes. Discovery of a tomb, rain in the evening)
22Sep1891Work in the church is suspended
28Sep1891Saunière Journal: voyage à Carcassone
29Sep1891Saunière Journal: Vu curé de Névian-Chez Gélis-Chez Carrière-Vu Cros et Secret
30Sep1891Saunière Journal: Mort de Boulanger
6Oct1891Saunière Journal: Visite de 4 confrères
14Oct1891Saunière Journal: entente avec les nouveaux maçons, the works in the church continue but with a new group of workers
20Oct1891Bérenger Saunière pays for a new pulpit 750 FF
20Oct1891Bérenger Saunière pays a bas-reliëf for the front porch 150 FF
4Dec1891start installation of the new front porch (until the 20th)
29Dec1891Saunière Journal: Vais au Bal, douleur des reins Sauniere often goes to this place to collect rocks for his grotto
Feb1892Bérenger Saunière has a debt of FFR 105 with a certain Leontine et Adolphine and has FFR 80,65 in his fonds secrets (savings)
2Mar1892Bérenger Saunière allegedly visits Paris. He attends mass at Saint-Sulpice, gives two of the parchments to abbe Bieil and Emile Hoffet and orders three reproductions of paintings from the Louvre
19Apr1892Saunière Journal: retour de Carcassonne – Drame le soir – Marie rentre chez elle
22Apr1892Saunière Journal: beau temps – Marie continue à mapporter les repas
1892Bérenger Saunière and his servant Marie Dénarnaud are seen digging in the churchyard and cemetery in the middle of the night on may ocassions.
Dec1892Bérenger Saunière makes various trips for longer periods of time
1893Bérenger Saunière buys new confessional 700 FF
17Jan1893Mgr. Billard buys the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame de Marceille. He buys it on personal account and pays it out of his own pockets
24Jun1894Assasination of Sadi Carnot, Casimir-Perier President de la Republique (former general councillor of the Aube)
1894Bérenger Saunière puts an iron door in front of the cemetery 220.80 FF.
12Mar1895official complaint filed by the villagers against Bérenger Saunière's nightly excavations in the churchyard, Saunière stops his excavations
14Jul1895fire in Rennes-le-Château, Bérenger Saunière refuses access to his well
1895resignation of Perier, Félix Faure President de la République
1896end of the great depression
3Jan1897death of Abbé Emile Cayron, curé de Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse
11Feb1897the Cross of the Calvaire is erected
4Mar1897Monsieur Castex starts the painting inside the church with 4 workers
6Jul1897Eglise Madeleine inaugurated by Mgr. Billard. Also present: R. P. Mercier.
24Sep1897Antoine Gélis retreats to Grèves near Carcasonne where he requests his cousin Maurice Malot to find him a house to retire. Probably during this visit he writes a document containing the location of several hding places in his church and house in Coustaussa.
28Sep1897Antoine Gélis deposits 1,200 gold francs with Abbé Gayda of Trèbes
11Oct1897Félicie Malot stays with Antoine Gélis to help him pack for retirement
12Oct1897An unknow man visits Antoine Gélis in his sacristie
24Oct1897Antoine Gélis receives a letter from his cousin Maurice Mallot to inform him that a house will be ready for his retirement in Grèzes on November 1st
1Nov1897In the night from Oct 31st to Nov 1st Antoine Gélis curé of Coustassa is brutally murdered. His body is put down in the traditional burial position of a templar
4Nov1897Judge Raymond Jean searches the church and house of Antoine Gélis and finds 12,000 gold francs with the help of a document describing the hiding places. This document has been found attached to Gélis' travel papers of 24th September
May1898Bérenger Saunière allegedly rents a horsecar in Lyon
Dec1898Bérenger Saunière buys terrains around his church in the name of Marie Dénarnaud
Feb1899resignation of Faure, Emile Loubet President de la République
16Oct1899the function of personnat as proposed by Mgr. Billardis refused to Bérenger Saunière by the Diocese after investigations into his life
Dec1899Bérenger Saunièrereceives a letter that his shipment of 50 liters of rum from Jamaica is late.

20th Century
1900the village council approves Saunière's request to build a caveau to bury him and all future priests of Rennes-le-Château
May1901start of the construction of Villa Bethania (finished in 1905)
Jul1901start of the building of a caveau (crypt) for Bérenger Saunière and the future priests of Rennes-le-Château
3Dec1901death of Mgr. Billard in the Monastery of Prouilhe, whilst in the process of being suspended for having administered the assets of his diocese in the most irregular fashion and for having contracted staggering debts, which were completely unjustified
1902Mgr. Beuvain de Beauséjour becomes bishop of Carcassonne
1902Bérenger Saunière loses sight on one eye, which is replaced with a glass eye
1903Tomb of les Pontils built by Jean Galibert at Serres
20Jul1903death of Pope Leo XIII (at the age of 93)
24Jul1903construction work is suspended for a week to receive Bérenger Saunière's family
Aug1903Bérenger Saunière has financial troubles and is unable to pay for the works
4Aug1903pontificate Pius X (after cardinal Rampolla has been vetoed by the Habsburgs)
1903start of the construction of Le Tour Magdala (finished in 1906)
28Aug1903The architect Tiburce Caminade writes a letter to Bérenger Saunière that he needs another 4.5 cubic metres of stones to finish le Tour et la Tourelle, he can't perform miracles
19Sep1905Alfred Saunière dies from the effects of abuse of alcohol
1905split of church and state in France
1906Pope Pius X condemns the split between church and state, resignation of Loubet, Armand Fallières President de la République
1906Lazarists leave Notre Dame de Marceille
1906Bulletin SESA appears with a transcript of the tomb of Marie de Nègre d'Ables
19Nov1906Mgr. Beauséjour visits Rennes-le-Château
1907Bérenger Saunière starts to build a very serious collection of stamps amounting up to 100.000 pieces at the time of his death
24Mar1907Bérenger Saunière signs rental agreement for the presbytery for 5 years 20 FF per year
5May1907death of Edmund Boudet (at the age of 67)
1908Workmen discover a giant mass-grave while working on the access road to town. It is several hundreds meters long and contains sic to eight layers of skeletons from the time of the Albigensian Crusade
1908much of the year is dedicated to Bérenger Saunière's vast library in de Tour Magdala, Henri Badet, a books expert from Castenaudary is hired for 3 months to help him organize his collection
9Jan1909sudden death of Gaudissard, curé at Atignac (at the age of 49)
15Jan1909Bérenger Saunière receives replacement to Coustouges, with one weeks notice
28Jan1909Bérenger Saunière resigns as curé of Rennes-le-Château
9Jul1909Abbé Marty arrives to replace Bérenger Saunière
22Apr1910Bérenger Saunière orders a buste of himself to be made by maison Monna de Toulouse for 1.600 FFR
27May1910Mgr. de Beauséjour starts official investigations into Bérenger Saunière's finances
16Jul1910Bérenger Saunière fails to show up before the bishops court
23Jul1910Bérenger Saunière suspended for one month
5Nov1910Bérenger Saunière finally appears in court and is sentenced to 10 days in a monastery and having to produce the sources of his wealth a month later
5Dec1910Bérenger Saunière refuses to reveal sufficient evidence for the sources of his spending and is sentenced, he is no longer allowed to say masses
14Nov1911Louis de Coma is found dead lying in his bed, the Carol estate becomes property of the church
1Feb1911Bérenger Saunière is relieved of the priesthood suspens a divinis
Apr1911Bérenger Saunière retreats to the Monastery of Prouilhe for 10 days to serve his sentence
1912Eglise Notre-Dame de Marceille is made a Basilique by Pius X
1913Credit Foncier de France estimates Bérenger Saunière's posessions to be worth 18.000 Francs, resignation of Fallières, Raymond Poincaré President de la République
1914the remaining 102 copies of The True Celtic Language.. are destroyed, with Boudets consent. This is said to have been at the insistence of the Bishop de Beausejour, and deprived Boudet of his income
30Apr1914Henri Boudet leaves Rennes-les-Bains to return to his family home in Axat
28Jun1914Archduke Franz Ferdinand is killed in Sarajevo, marking the start of World War I
1914Abbé Rivière of Espéraza succeeds Abbé Marty as priest of Rennes-le-Château
3Sep1914pontificate Benedict XV
1Feb1915sudden death of Abbé Rescanière, successor of Henri Boudet in Rennes-les-Bains (at the age of 47)
30Mar1915death of Henri Boudet  from intestinal cancer (at the age of 78)
1916Bérenger Saunière goes on a pilgrimage to Lourdes
17Jan1917Bérenger Saunière is found by Marie Dénarnaud, lying on the Belvedere. He has been lying there for some time, after he has suffered a stroke on his way to the Tour Magdala.
Jan1917Bérenger Saunière requests to confess feeling his end is very near after a heart attack. Young Abbé Jean Rivière of Esperaza who is summoned to hear his confession refuses Saunière the extreme unction while alive. This last will only be administered to him post-mortem
22Jan1917Bérenger Saunière dies after a series of heart attacks. His last words are said to be "Jean 23" (Jean Vingt-Trois)
24Jan1917Bérenger Saunière is buried at 10:00 am by Abbé Rivière curé par intérim de Rennes-le-Château
25Mar1917Marie Dénarnaud extends the rent of the presbytery with another 9 years
12Jun1917Marie Dénarnaud pays for Saunières coffin
1917Madame James de Montazels, a niece of Bérenger Saunière allegedly inherits the parchments, other say Saunière's archives where transferred to his doctor Paul Courrent just before his death
1918End of World War I
18Feb1920Paul Deschanel President de la République
1920Alexandre Millerand President de la République
6Feb1922pontificate Pius XI
1924Gaston Doumergue President de la République
1929a half melted golden statuette is found in the region of Rennes-le-Château
1929German author Otto Rahn settles in Lavelanet and spends three months to systematically explore the ruins of Montségur and the surrounding mountain grottoes
1931Paul Doumer President de la République
1931Pamphlet version of Elise Tisseyres 1906 article deposited in the municipal  library of Carcassonne by a Marty
1931Otto Rahn discovers chambers deep in the grottoes of Sabarthes of which the walls are covered with symbols characteristic of the Knights Templar side by side with emblems of the Cathars. One intriguing image carved into the stone wall of a grotto is clearly a drawing of a lance. This depiction immediately suggests the bleeding lance that appears over and over again in the Arthurian legends
1932Albert Lebrun President de la République
1934Otto Rahn publishes Kreuzzug gegen Gral (Crusade Against the Grail)
1936Otto Rahn joins the Waffen SS Heritage Bureau the Ahnenerbe (not voluntarily according to some)
Jun1936Otto Rahn and the SS travel to Iceland for research.
1937Otto Rahn publishes Luzifers Hofgesind (Lucifers Court) 
1937Otto Rahn falls in disgrace with the Nazis and is temporarily put to work in Dachau. It is said he is a homosexual or Jewish
2Mar1939pontificate Pius XII
13Mar1939Otto Rahn is found dead in the Tyrolean mountains. It is said he has committed suicide.
1940Maréchal Philippe Pétain Head of State (during the second world war)
16Mar1944the German Nazis fly swastika and Celtic cross patterns over the ruins of Montségur 700 years after its fall
1946Charles de Gaulle President de la République
1946The Château Hautpoul is sold to Monsieur Fatin
22Jul1946Marie Dénarnaud sells the entire property to the Corbu family and lives with them from that day
1947Vincent Auriol President de la République
1948the library of Emile Hoffet is allegedly acquired by the International League of Antiquarian booksellers
29Jan1953death of Marie Dénarnaud in Rennes-le-Château
1954René Coty President de la République
15Mar1955the Villa Bethania is transformed in a hotel and opens as the Hotel La Tour
12Jan1956Noel Corbu publishes the story of Sauniere in regional paper Depeche du Midi
1956Monastère de Carol in Baulou is destroyed with dynamite by Henri Baure by order of the diocese before he can buy the domain 
28Oct1958pontificate of Angelo Roncalli or John XXIII
21Jun1963pontificate Paul VI
1965Madame James de Montazels allegedly sells Saunière's parchments to Captian Roland Stanmore en Sir Thomas Frazier. Charles de Gaulle becomes President de la République de France
2Jul1966the International League of Antiquarian booksellers (who allegedly bought Saunière's library, send a letter to Mr Fatin, woner of the Château Hautpoul and archeologist in Rennes-le-Château claiming that they have found 2 documents in Emile Hoffets library, signed by Blanche de Castille, attached to the testament of Francois Pierre dHautpoul, registered by notaire Captier in Esperaza, 23rd November 1644. The documents prove that Dagobert II left a son Sigisbert IV that came to Rennes-le-Château in 681. 
1967Gérard de Sède publishes l'Or de Rennes ou la vie insolite de Bérenger Saunière
1969Georges Pompidou President de la République

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