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Jesus in the Tomb with his eyes openedJesus in the Tomb with his eyes opened, Eglise St. Michel. Espéraza

After Abbé Jean Rivière took the final confession of Bérenger Saunière, he is said never to have smiled again. This story seems exaggerated. Fact is that Rivière made a remarkable modification to his church in Espéraza in the period after Saunière’s death. He had a grotto built with a strange statue of Jesus lying down after the crucifixion (still wearing the Crown of Thorns). Jesus is lying in this tomb with his eyes open. What did Rivière want to tell us here? 

Jesus in the Tomb with his eyes opened

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  1. Shepherdess no temptation. That Poussin [and] Teniers keep the key. Peace 681. By the cross and this horse of God. I finish off this guardian daemon at midday. Blue apples.

    Well no on to my knowledge has de-cyphered this so for the first time.

    The Shepherdess refers to the painting by Poussin, now remember there are two paintings, one in the Louvre and the other at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire.First let me say the key into this mystery was written in the first century CE by Philo of Alexandria and he says the key is to look for mistakes and repetitions..So with the Shepherds of Arcadia we have repetition two paintings on the same theme. The Chatsworth painted in 1627 and the Louvre later in 1638, the key to this is another painting he finished in 1627 namely ” Midas Bathing in the Pactolus” this depicts the story of when King Midas went back to Dionysus( the one who changed water into wine,1st miracles St Johns gospel)to rid him of his ability to turn everything into gold,so we have the figure of Dionysus next to Midas as he bathes, when we look at the Chatsworth Shepherds we see Dionysus as an old man, about to be usurped by the new god created by Constantine and as the cry went up at the beginning of the christian myth, ” The Great God Pan is Dead” so Dioysyus did not go away he is the one who turned water into wine, that is why the vine motif can be found all around Rennes-les-Bain the real Rhedae and the church at Rennes-le-Chateau is a mirror image of the Eleusinian mysteries.I will reveal that in another post…So if we look at the Shepherds painting in the Louvre, we need to bring into the equation “The Book of the Cave of Treasures” an Arab manuscript composed in Syria in the 4th century from a much older manuscript.This tells the story of Noahs Ark and how this is three stories high, just as the tomb is in the painting.It then relates how Adams descendents take his body and place it in the middle section of the Ark just as it is depicted in the painting, with the shepherd drawing our attention to this fact, by pointing at this middle section and it gives the impression in the manuscript that the Ark is in fact a Cube…..Now if we look at the Shepherdesses in both paintings it is obvious we have androgynous forms here, being both male and female, the woman in the man, the man in the woman….So therefore there will be no temptation….All i will say of David Teniers look at his work and if you do not see the Dionysian revels go to an optician…..681 was the year of the Council of Constantinople and the time when the Roman Empire metamorphosed into the Holy Roman Empire and in every strata of society whether you see it or not this is the reality because of Thomas Aquinus and his adoption of Aristotilean Philosophy….It is what control the science the education and the reductionist philosophy is you, this is not what the people who created modern masonry with its one act plays intended, Poussin painted “Time Revealing Truth” he got this from a saying of Francis Bacon, ” There will come a time when all the mysteries will be revealed”
    By the cross and this horse of god, refers to when Constantines mother an inn keepers daughter, returned from Palestine with the supposed nails of the true cross Constantine had these made into a bit for his horse, hence the horse of god…The next piece about the Daemon can only refer to one man the one who did really live in the first century CE. Now if all those jokers had done a little research into the creator of the codes on the parchment they would have come across Blaise Vigenere.Now he was the first man with Artus Thomas who translated Philostratus ” Life of Apollonius of Tyana” from the Latin into French, i suggest if you are really interested in this mystery you should read this collection of books plus the letters, then it becomes quite obvious that this man was the model for the myth of Jesus, plus he studied at Tarsus and was the only philosopher allowed in Rome by Nero when he banned the philosophers from Rome in 66 CE…More will be revealed later when i explain the AA symbolism…ie Ancient Accepted, Acts Apostles, Aleph Aleph, Al Alamut, Arcadian Academy.So Apollonius in his day was known as a Daemon, this has to be understood in a Platonic way note not a demon, big diference.A Daemon was someone who is sent from God and is halfway between God and Man..That was Apollonius of Tyana the real man behind the mask of the Jesus myth…The midday is how we find the meridian which is the real clue that puts us into the reality that every Roman City, military camp and any place they built had to have a Cardo, this is the north-south meridian that is in every Roman city from Jerusalem to London, this was usually determined by taken a reading of the pole star…..I hope this revelation will put paid to the bullshit of the Jesus and Mary chain, accept the facts as i have done, even though they have gone against all i thought was true before…….Trebha Love, Peace and Happiness

  2. Dear Trebha Cooper

    You did a great job and Great investigation. Yes I can confirm it. But I don’t understand the connection of your research to ours. We (or better to say I ) don’t investigate the truth or false in Bible or Jesus and Mary’s chain. Not at all. I personally just want to understand why ordinary cure like Sauniere did so many not understandable and lets say mysterious things. And why it all in fact has really interesting interpretations. No really, you cannot stop any of the ways you go, there is always a clue with really logical explanation. But all I want is just understand, but not do any claims or blames.

  3. Shepherds, no temptation must not be adressed to Poussin. Teniers made a lot of paintings with shepherds.
    So it could mean : Do not take the Antony paintings of Teniers, use the shepherd paintings.
    And the result is much better.

    regards Roland

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