Shadow of the Templars

Henry Lincoln in 1974In 1972, British script writer Henry Lincoln introduced the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château to the English speaking world through his documentary The Lost Treasure of Jerusalem. It immediately created a storm of publicity and eventually led to the production of a 2nd documentary The Priest the Painter and the Devil in 1974 and the Shadow of the Templars in 1979. This last documentary was already co-researched by Michael Baigent which later led to Henry, Michael and the late Richard Leigh writing the international bestseller Holy Blood Holy Grail.

The script and presentation of Shadow of the Templars, were done by Henry Lincoln for the BBC Chronicle series.

BBC Chronicle - 1979 The Shadow of the Templars

BBC Chronicle - 1979 The Shadow of the Templars

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  1. Great idea to put this historical documentary online…the basis for today’s researchers into the mystery of Rennes le Chateau.

  2. Excellent video. It’s interesting to note that the Templar’s supposedly worshipped a skull and just recently I saw a program on 13 Crystal Skulls who seem to contain knowledge.
    And many pictures of Mary Magdalena contain
    a skull. It makes one wonder if there is any

  3. Interesting video, the Shadow of the Templars, by Henry Lincoln which I just saw. I read Holy Blood Holy Grail way back in the mid 1980s and kept in touch with the Rennes mystery since then. About four months ago I returned to France where I had lived in the 1980s and briefly visited Rennes-le-Chateau, not far from a friend of mine who lives in Toulouse.

    At the bookshop in Rennes I bought a book called the Messianic Legacy. On my way back to the States I read something interesting, p 139-40, apparently Dr. Schonfield in his book Essene Odyssey, which I have not read, notes that Baphomet, worshipped by the Knights Templars, using the Atbash Cipher decodes perfectly into Sophia – Greek for wisdom. Baphomet (wisdom) was the heretical idol which the Templars were said to worship. That seemed interesting to me.


  4. I have this on VHS Tape that I recorded from the Library 10 years ago. I had it on youtube until I it was removed.


  5. This was an awesome program. Very well researched and delivered! I just saw a program yesterday on the History channel on Decoding the DaVinci Code, about what was true in the book and what was not. This program was much better researched. Much to ponder here.

  6. We discussed Henry’s documentaries with him during the interview Andrew Gough, Philip Coppens and myself had with him in April for Radio Rennessence.

    Take care | Raven

  7. Since viewing Henry Lincoln’s documentary “Exploring the Da Vinci code” I have been completely and utterly hooked with the Rennes le Chateau mystery. I had wanted to see “Shadow of the Templars”. Thank you so much.

  8. Interesting to see the documentary, now 30 years old, which started this widespread interest in things mysterious.
    I met Henry Lincoln at Rennes-Le-Chateau last summer. He recommended that I walked to Le Pique, the hill in the center of the pentagonal star. It turned out to be a sharp ridge of a not so tall mountain, and I hiked there easily. On the top I could feel the lines from all the five mountaintops intervene. There are legends about a temple to Isis having existed there. A temple where the star of Venus would have been worshipped, where her eight year long pattern would have been honored, where even her 52 year old longer pattern, drawing a beautiful rose in the sky would have been seen and venerated.
    Did this temple exist at the time of Mary Magdalene? Could she have visited there? The legends have brought her to Provence and Glastonbury, it would be natural to travel through this area on route. And if she was educated in the mystery schools, maybe she was a priestess of Isis herself?
    Venus is the star that made it possible to keep time in olden days. Her pattern coincides with earths pattern of movement every eight year. It is accurate within a minute. And keeping track of time was important for the understanding of the year, the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes and for commerce. She was extremely important, and the knowledge surrounding her amounted to power.
    Also, when you keep honoring the four major check points of the sun, the seasons of the year and the four elements, you are putting yourself within the powers of alchemy. No wonder the Priory the Sion was led by prominent scientists and alchemists of their time.
    Who’s leading it now? Who has the courage to blend science and religion, and to stand by their intuition and experience as valid proof?

    Thanks for giving me a site where I’m prompted to ask questions and where I’m given a forum to state them.


  9. A most welcome piece of documentary to be shared! Excellent, I’ve been looking for this clip for ages. Great that you have shared this documentary! Is there any possibility to see The Priest, the Painter and the Devil- documentary online? Many thanks!

  10. I’d love to see The Priest, the Painter and the Devil as well. It just seems that nobody has uploaded it on the P2P networks so far.

    And the movies are not to be bought either. The Atelier Empreinte asked the BBC for copies, and the BBC refused. It’s a matter of rights, or something, they say. Even Henry Lincoln himself doesn’t have a copy !

    Nevertheless, there is one guy, I believe his name is Paul Smith, who has a copy of them. And there must be several VHS recordings in the UK since the VCR was already existing when the films were aired.

  11. please forward to Henry Lincoln Thank You‏
    From: (*****)
    Sent: Thu 1/01/09 5:53 PM
    To: ben hammott
    Please forward to Henry Lincoln
    Hello Mr. Lincoln,

    I think that you are already aware of this detail that you spoke of in the documentary “Exploring the Da Vinci Code”. The detail concerns the possible origin of honeycomb structures which occurs towards the end of the DVD of “Exploring the Da Vinci Code”. I found it while reading Otto Rahn “Crusade against the Grail: The struggle between the Cathars, the Templars and the Church of Rome”which was originally published in German before WWII but I found it in the first English translation published in 2006.

    Author: Otto Rahn
    Title: The Crusade against the Grail: The struggle between the Cathars, the Templars and the Church of Rome ISBN 1594771359
    Chapter: Part 4/The Apotheosis of the Grail
    Page: 175

    I hope this helps,

    a Rennes enthusiast.If possible could I get confirmation and/or feedback on the above statement so I can know that
    the message was received and I can rest.

    Thank you.

  12. I am interested in viewing The BBC documentaries – Lost Treasure of Jerusaleum and/or The Priest, The Painter, . . .

  13. That was really good. I can see how some oculd easily debunk it, but as he says, the accumulation of evidence starts to outweigh the doubts after a time.

  14. Hi, I from Colombia, I like watch of video Lost Treasure of Jerusaleum and/or The Priest, The Painter, because is very interesting, and I need studing this theme. Thank you, and sorry for the regular English.

  15. Hola,
    Estoy muy interesado en tener acceso a esta gran información del señor Lincoln.

    Desde Chile agradeceré algún buen contacto al respecto

  16. Great videos and wonderful painstaking documentaries from Mr.Lincoln. Should you still be looking for the missing link between the Cathars and the Chateau, you might be interested to follow this path and see where it leads you! The Cathars, the Catholics and the caulbearers!!!!

  17. Nice to find this site at the same time I have managed to watch The Shadow of the Templars and the ‘Origins of the DaVinci Code ‘ documentaries on Youtube. Henry Lincoln seems utterly unshakeable in his convictions… Not sure I like how dismissive the Channel 4 Documentary was though….

  18. Sauniere society were selling dvd’s off all 3 documentaries together on 1 dvd as of last year at their society symposiums

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