Death of Poussin

Study for the Death of Poussin by GranetStudy by François-Marius Granet of his painting La Mort de Poussin (The Death of Poussin). Unfortunately, the original, bought by Demidoff, was destroyed in 1945 when his Villa was bombarded. He had bought it to put on display at the Salon of 1834. (the Salon being the state sponsored Parisian exhibitions of painting and sculpture held during the July Monarchy and Second Republic (1831’“1851).

The painting depicts the death of French painter Nicolas Poussin in the presence of Cardinal Massimo. At the left, over the head of the dying painter you can see Poussin’s most famous work: the second version of The Shepherd’s of Arcadia.

From the same painting, an etching was made by Félix Braquemond. Many thanks to Belgian researcher Kurt Impens for sharing this with me.

The Death of Poussin, Félix Braquemond

©2007-2012, all rights reserved Photo copyright by Bernard Terlay of the Granet Museum, special thanks to Frédéric Premartin for sharing it.

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